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  • creating a blank mind map to write on

    Hi, Does anyone know any easy way to create a blank mind map so that I can write on it during a meeting. I ...

    1 Community Answer Aug 31, 2017 07:29PM HKT
  • licence

    hi, i've payed for two years (2015), now its 2017, but xmind version 8 doesnt want my licence ??? and pl...

    1 Community Answer Aug 30, 2017 03:36PM HKT
  • 3.7.3 stil unusable !!! lags and energy draining

    Update 3.7.3 is still unusable. Wake up please. The last version that we can use is v7 18 % - 20 energy drai...

    0 Community Answers Aug 30, 2017 03:14PM HKT
  • It seems XMind Pro 8 is draining a lot of battery running in the backg...

    I have a habit of having the Xmind running in the background, so when I have new thoughts on the project I am ...

    4 Community Answers Aug 30, 2017 09:59AM HKT
  • There's any tutorial for presentations

    I would like to build a presentation with movement from the center passing by all history, but I cannot find a...

    2 Community Answers Aug 30, 2017 12:52AM HKT
  • Search Cloud

    Recommend a method of searching Cloud based files from the 'XMind Cloud' screen; is something like t...

    0 Community Answers Aug 28, 2017 09:52PM HKT
  • Hyperlink

    I updated my computer to a new one with a new name. I moved all my files with the same arborescence. I need t...

    1 Community Answer Aug 28, 2017 08:02PM HKT
  • How to use a logitech R700 presenter with Xmind Pro slide-based-story ...

    If you want to use a Logitech R700 presenter with Xmind Pro Slide-based-story you will have to change the comm...

    1 Community Answer Aug 26, 2017 05:46PM HKT
  • Format Relationship Line Color Not Working

    The color selector for the relationship line cannot be open. When I click on it the color selector does not o...

    1 Community Answer Aug 26, 2017 12:40AM HKT
  • I lose my xmind

    Hallo! I'm from Russia. I was doing my life-x-mind for 2 months. Yesterday i see nothing on it. How i ca...

    8 Community Answers Aug 25, 2017 09:29PM HKT
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